Dealing with Deployment

The Challenge
Military children separated from their parents due to deployment can experience increased levels of anxiety, fear, and depression that may lead to trouble in school, bullying, substance abuse, and increased risky behavior.

How We Help
Our Dealing with Deployment Program is designed to guide families as they prepare for a deployment, offers strategies for staying connected while separated, and helps families plan for their homecoming.

The With You All The Way! Dealing With Deployment Program Includes:

  • A WYATW! Deployment Kit full of resiliency building
    strategies: an animated DVD to let kids know they aren't
    alone, a journal to express their feelings, a family guidebook
    for parents, a plush bear to provide comfort and
    companionship, and items designed to keep the family
    connected. Download the Deployment Family Guidebook
  • Follow up support every 45 days throughout the
    deployment cycle: Video on how to most effectively utilize
    the kit components, survey for collecting data on our impact,
    coloring pages, and other recommended resources..
  • Information on our follow up resource prior to returning from
  • Access to our online program materials, including videos on
    moving, divorce, and more.
  • Free premium membership to Tuk-Tuk-Media., a website
    providing meaningful entertainment for children..
  • Parents receive monthly videos by children's motivational
    speaker and best-selling author Trevor Romain.
  • A guided writing journal with prompts, calendar, map, and activities
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Key Metrics
Total Children Impacted: 161,000 Per Year
Per Child Support Needed : $29.64
Total Amount Needed Annually: $4,772,040
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