Resources For Military Families

Military families experience many unique and challenging situations. The Comfort Crew was created to make sure that military families and their kids have the best resources available to help them through the tough situations of deployment, reintegration, reintegrating with an injury, losing a parent in war, and other unique challenges that the community faces.

What Are Comfort Crew Resources?
The Comfort Crew Programs are provided to military families completely free of charge, and combine customized in-person live experiences, animated DVD's, and guided journals to open kids up to talking about the "tough stuff." These unique edutainment experiences allow us to talk about serious subjects in a way that is accessible to children. All Comfort Crew Kits are designed to support children ages 6-12.

Our With You All the Way! Dealing With Deployment Program is designed to guide families as they prepare for a deployment, offers strategies for staying connected while separated, and helps families plan for their homecoming.

Comfort Kit:
With You All the Way! Deployment Kit

Our Together Again! Helping Military Families Reconnect Program is designed to focus on the unique challenges families experience during the reintegration phase of the deployment cycle. 

Comfort Kit:
Together Again! Helping Military Families Reconnect Kit

The Helping Military Children Handle Loss Program gives children the tools and strategies to understand the emotions that they're experiencing and not only cope with the loss, but also thrive and find a purpose in the aftermath of war. It also serves to make sure that they know they're not alone in this difficult time so that they both feel connected and supported.

Comfort Kit:
Memory Box

Military children have a difficult time processing the experience of a parent coming home wounded and don't know how to communicate these feelings. Our Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes Program help military kids and their families pave the way to building quality, thriving, family support systems.

Comfort Kit:
Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids and the Trevor Romain Company are visiting schools on and near US military basees around the world, delivering support to military kids and their classmates. The With You All the Way! World Tour is an exciting, educational presentation helping kids become happier, healthier, and more confident.  

How Does It Work?
Once the Military Family Webportal is re-opened, simply fill out the form to the right and indicate the resources you'd like to request either for your family or a family you know. Once re-opened, we will be able to ship out a limited number of Comfort Kits each week. You will be placed on the waitlist until we work our way down to your name.

Additional Resources Available to Young Children

The Online Military Family Webportal is closed with grant submissions pending. As of  May 15, 2018, our grant funding has been depleted. Once additional grant funding has been received, we will re-open Nationally. The Texas Veteran's Grant will begin July 1, 2018 for Texas residence only. If you live outside of Texas, please check back for updates. Thank you!

  Here are some options in the meantime:
  • Families may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and IG @thecomfortcrew for upates on webportal progress. 
  • Families will have free access to our online materials:
    • Military Youth Journal
    • Animated DVD's
    • Family Guidebooks
  • Families may purchase a Comfort Kit for $50, which includes shipping, at Purchase Comfort Kit.

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